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Musical artists were heavily affected by COVID

The music industry itself was hit hard by The Rona, as live performances were its biggest money maker. While this pandemic began almost a year ago, not much has changed in 2021. There has been a gradual increase in live performances, such as small intimate shows and events with sectioned-off areas that music lovers can share with a limited number of friends.

The music industry is worth $50 billion, and live music is the big money maker, with over 50% of total revenue derived mostly from ticket sales.

When you can’t have live events, or live events are limited, it has a very heavy impact on the industry.

The support that musical artists need during the pandemic is more than just plugging in your headphones while you go on a run or do booty squats at the gym. They need continued exposure. While the pandemic has almost fully eliminated live performances, there are still livestream performances that showcase these artists and their talent.

That’s why we created Artist Replugged. We don’t just promote the music, we give you real performances created by local artists in their pure form. No cut up music videos. No filters. Just artists performing their best songs at your fingertips.

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