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There are so many digital platforms that feature music, dance and other entertainment. We wanted to create an experience for musical artist lovers and fans that was interactive and provided an original, hands-on experience.

Our mission is to put these artists right in front of their audience and give them the ability to interact with fans about their performance and music. We allow artists to tell their story both through their music and live interviews, so that their fans have a connection to the music and to them.

Our goal is to bring music fans to one place to experience the performances of local artists, regardless if they’ve seen them perform live or not. There’s a different type of vibe and energy you get when you see a music video on Instagram or YouTube vs. seeing an artist perform their best songs in a raw and unfiltered way. That’s what we’re bringing to music lovers.

The Rona took live performances out of the socket, but we’re here to Replug the connection between artists and their fans.