Submitting Your Film to Artist Replugged

For answers to the most commonly asked questions about submitting your film, view our FAQ page. Additionally, please read the Rules & Regulations thoroughly before you begin the process.

2023 ARP Film Submissions


Submission Categories

Each year, we select a variety of documentaries, short films, and episode films for the ARP streaming app. Before you begin your submission, please read carefully the eligibility requirements for each category below and select the one that best suits your film:

Short Films

Eligible for this category are films or documentaries with a running time of 45 minutes or less, including credits. Short films do have restrictions on prior screening, and those previously shown on TV, streaming services, the internet, or other public distribution platforms worldwide are also eligible.


This category is open to documentary films with a duration of 60 minutes or more, including credits. Only films that have not been previously screened or released to the public, with no licensing agreements are eligible.


This category is for any film or documentary created to unfold over multiple episodes, including web series, docuseries, and multi-episode films. There are limited restrictions on episode length, but the series must be between 30-60 minutes. To be eligible, the submitted content cannot have been made available to the general public. If only some episodes have been publicly released, only unreleased episodes can be submitted.