Creativity Through Collaboration

Artist Replugged is excited to support the creative process of emerging artists and filmmakers through our strategic partnerships. Through our collaboration with top tech company ATX The Brand (ATX Web Designs), and Gemini Crown’s innovative production software, this partnership creates a unique opportunity for music artists to more closely connect with fans. This will give artists and filmmakers the tools they need to tell their story and connect with fans from all around the world.

Gemini Crown Tech Partner

Gemini Crown specializes in production management software for creative professionals. Their all-in-one platform combines accounting, production, and creative processes—making it easier to streamline production workflows, reduce costs, save time, and limit errors. The software allows teams to assign tasks, share documents, and collaborate seamlessly across departments, while also providing features such as break reminders and safety protocols to create better and safer workplaces.

ATX The Brand Tech Partner

ATX The Brand is a national Digital Transformation Agency that specializes in turning problems into digital solutions, and burning ideas into fruition. They are our hands-on development, marketing and tech consultant team. Our partnership with ATX The Brand began when we first launched Artist Replugged, as a digital music festival. Now, as a movie streaming service, ATX has helped us grow into a bigger and better platform.
ATX The Brand