Tell Your Story to the World

Every filmmaker has a unique story to tell. But finding the right audience can be the hardest part. At Artist Replugged, we give independent filmmakers and video producers the opportunity to reach a global audience and share their work. We specialize in documentary content about music and musical artists.


Display Your Work

You’re more than a person holding a camera. Our platform is designed to help you share your work with the world—as well as the meaning and message being your work. By streaming your films on Artist Replugged, you’ll be able to connect with your fans on a deeper level and reach new audiences to build your brand.


Our Partnership Helps You Along the Way

What is it?

Gemini Crown is an all-in-one video production software designed for filmmakers. It combines creative and accounting processes to streamline production management. You’ll be able to improve your production workflow, reduce costs, save time, and limit errors.

Why Use It?

Gemini Crown allows you to move from script to strip board to budget to call sheets all on one platform. This means filmmakers can assign tasks, share documents, collaborate across departments, and create safer workplaces using a single tool.

How Does It Work?

Gemini Crown connects budgeting software with scripts, stripboards, call sheets, and more. Information pulls directly from the script breakdown, creating a seamless and automated stripboard generation process. Gemini Crown also offers a fully integrated mobile app that works with the software to communicate seamlessly across teams.