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The second annual Artist Replugged Digital Music Festival on March 10 brought together emerging musical artists from five different genres, striking a chord with music fans across the world. 

With the goal of shining a spotlight on independent artists, Artist Replugged provides an innovative platform—a free app—to connect musicians with new fans and collaborators. 

This year, the ARP musical performances had more than 500,000 streams worldwide with more than 450,000 “plugs”—or likes—of the content. Exclusive interviews with the artists were also available for streaming on the app and were viewed more than 170,000 times. 

During the peak of the digital festival, music streaming numbers hit an all time high for Artist Replugged, resulting in some brief technical difficulties that were addressed by the app development team in time for tens of thousands of fans to catch their favorite performances. 

The music industry has become increasingly difficult for new artists to break into. The pandemic dealt a big blow to music venues and live performance opportunities, driving up both cost and competition. Streaming services like Spotify pay as little as $.0033 per stream, while social apps like TikTok are becoming increasingly less lucrative as they become oversaturated with content. 

Artist Replugged marches to the beat of its own drum by showcasing select artists and giving them an accessible way to reach hundreds of thousands of new fans with their music. 

Featured artists this year included indie pop artist and producer Yesla, Austin-based singer/songwriter Ruthie Craft, and freestyle rap artist and producer Honcho Trillspitta. 

Artist Replugged 2022 was sponsored by Austin-based beverage company ShotGun Seltzer and event production agency Intelligent Grind. You can catch this year’s performances by downloading the app through the Apple Store or Google Play.